Email to President and Board of Trustees Temple University. 2014

The President of Temple University was dismissed in 2016.

From: Ronnyjane <>

Date: January 16, 2014

To: President and Board of Trustees

Subject: Please meet to discuss ideas that will work, cost little and will save Temple Sports teams.
I know little about sports but I do know about finance. If alumni had been involved in this issue i have no doubt that we could have addressed the stated financial issues without eliminating programs that are important to students, alumni, and Philadelphia. For example, it is beyond my comprehension that the rowing team that is close to the hearts of all Philadelphians is to be eliminated for lack of $10 million to renovate the boat house. Between a fund raising program, matching funds from alumni who respect the traditions of Temple University and Philadelphia, and incredibly low current borrowing rates.-it doesnt take much imagination to preserve this important program. What it does take is a little hard work and a passion to improve not destroy a university that has given millions of students a chance they would not otherwise have been afforded. I count myself as one of those that was given a chance thanks to Temple University.

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