Letter to the Editor New York Times and The President and Board of Trustees Temple University. 2016

Goldsmith is waiting for a reply from the Acting President and any member of the Board Of Trustees of Temple University.

Letter to Editor
New York Times
July 2016

I recently resigned from the College of Liberal Arts Board of Visitors at Temple University. My resignation was prompted by (1) The action by the President with regard to eliminating many high profile sports teams (including baseball, gymnastics and rowing) except for the football team; (2)The action of the President with regard to building a $100 million stadium (not including inevitable cost overruns)and insisting this would be less expensive then paying $1million annual rent and (3) The President’s apparent lack of support of the Provost whose focus was on improving the quality of the students and faculty attracted to Temple University. My concerns fell on deaf ears until this week with the firing of the President.

I now read that the deficit Temple University faces may be greater than the $22 million related to the greatly increased number of students eligible for Merit Scholarships ( actually a good thing in the short and long term for any university). The Board of Trustees should do its duty and call for an independent audit of the finances of the University to determine what the true numbers are so that when interviews begin for a new President, the candidates will know what budget problems they will be facing and the Board of Trustees can determine who the best candidate is to solve those problems.

Ronnyjane Goldsmith, BA, MA, PhD (Temple University)

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