Email to Mayor and City Council City of Baltimore. 2002

The  Baltimore City School District Budget Now Includes Columns For Actual  Revenues and Expenditures

To The Mayor and City Council
City of Baltimore

December11, 2002

I read with interest the article by Mike Bowler in today’s Baltimore Sun about the Baltimore City School District budget. I then reviewed the School District’s budget on the Internet. The problem with the budget and budget book is that there is no comparison of prior year(s) actual revenue and expenditures. Year after year, budgets have been based on and compared to prior year budgets that do not reflect the revenue actually received or the expenditures actually made. By doing this, deficits are compounded year after year and the only outcome is disaster.

I recommend that at least 2 columns be added to the recommended School District budget. These columns should include at least 2 prior years actual expenditures and revenues.

Although I am no longer in municipal finance, over the past 30 years I have “saved” many municipalities, counties and utilities around the country from continuing budget deficits, by making this change.

I hope this suggestion will save Baltimore’s schools and it’s children from at least a small amount of future pain.

Cc: Mike Bowler

Although neither the Mayor nor any City Council person responded, Mike Bowler included my suggestion in a follow up article and responded to me personally as follows putting a smile on my face.

From Mike Bowler-

Thanks so much, and it was good to hear from you. And yes, I well remember you. You were a voice of sanity in City Hall.

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