Email to Rosalie Wise Sharp, Founder of Four Seasons Hotel. 2007

Email to Rosalie Wise Sharp (Founder of Four Seasons Hotel and author of the book Rifke)

December 2007

Your book brought me smiles, laughter and tears. Your writing made me realize how much we are all a product of our childhoods no matter how far we have traveled.

Also, as a seasoned traveler who has spent many nights at Four Seasons Hotels, thanks to your book, I realize that I think of the Four Seasons as the mother I never had.

-When I was sick in the middle of the night at the San Francisco Four Seasons, the concierge arranged for a Doctor to come to my room. My mother would have told me I didn’t look sick and I should clean the apartment.

-When I received an award at Temple University last month, the concierge at the Philadelphia Four Seasons arranged for the “house” limousine and driver to take me to the ceremony. My mother would have told me to take the C bus.

-And whether I am in New York City, Palm Beach, or Santa Barbara, if I want a cup of tea in the middle of the night, room service is always there to ask me what kind of tea I prefer and whether I would like something to eat. Of course my mother would never offer any tea other than Liptons (only gentiles drank fancy tea) or food since even when I wore a size 6 (the new size 2), I was overweight in her eyes.

So, Thank you for your book, the insights it has provided me and your gracious hospitality-

Ronnyjane (Rifke Shandel) Goldsmith

P.S.  Thank you for recently asking that I serve as a member of your Guest Board of Directors.

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