Letter to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. 2005


To The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore:
I respectfully request that you consider establishing a Generous Juror Program in Baltimore City. This program will cost the City nothing and will benefit the needy children of the City.
Similar programs have been successful in Calvert, Howard, and Prince Georges County (See Attachment)

I recently was called to Jury Duty in Baltimore City. When I asked if I could donate my Jury Duty Payment back to the City, I was told that this is rarely done in Baltimore City for lack of a Generous Juror Program.

I thank you and the needy children of Baltimore City thank you for any consideration you give to this matter.

WHEREAS, each year in the United States 1.2 million people are chosen to serve as jurors; and
WHEREAS, for many of these jurors the small stipend they receive for their service is only a small footnote in their personal finances; and
WHEREAS, successful Generous Juror Programs have been established in counties around the country such as Howard County, Maryland and Dallas County, Texas; and
WHEREAS, these programs allow jurors to donate their stipends to worthy programs designated by the courts; and
WHEREAS, the Howard County program yielded over $6,400 in donations in its first year and $40,000 since 1997; and
WHEREAS, in Cook County over 281,000 jurors were paid $17.20 a day for their service for a total of over $4,800,000 dollars in 1999; and
WHEREAS, if even a small percentage of jurors donated their stipends to a court-related charity it would amount to a significant contribution.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Baltimore City Council will establish a Generous Jury Program by August 1, 2000 in Baltimore City, giving jurors the option of donating their stipends to a court related charity; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Baltimore City Council will recommend one court related charity this year, and every year thereafter to benefit from the Generous Juror Program.

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