Letter to the Editor Washington Post. 2015

Washington Post
January 2, 2015

Dear Editor:

I do not agree with the President’s recent action regarding Cuba. But I am more disturbed by the President’s assertion that there is no one alive today that remembers the actions that precipitated the Cuban embargo more than 50 years ago. Whether we were children or young adults I can assure the President we are alive and we remember.

Rather than dismissing our history I would have preferred the President remind us that over 5 decades ago the United States imposed the Cuban embargo as the result of a missile crisis that threatened not only the existence of the United States but of the World. At the time of the embargo we were at the brink of a nuclear war. The actions of President Kennedy brought us back from that brink and led the way to discussions that ended the cold war. Today the threat Cuba poses is not to the United States but to the people of Cuba who live in a world devoid of the freedoms that we take for granted. We hope today by lifting the embargo imposed to save the world from destruction we open the door to freedoms long denied the Cuban people

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