Letter To: The Mayor and Board of Supervisors.  San Francisco. 2016       

Submitted to:
Mayor and Board of Supervisors
City of San Francisco

September 9, 2016

Resubmitted July 7, 2018

Subject: Homeless in San Francisco. How They Can Become Part of the Solution

I am writing as a long-time resident of SOMA and someone who worked for many decades with several cities and states around the United States improving the lives of residents.

As we all have, I have watched the homeless problem explode in San Francisco with no one having an approach that benefits all residents including the homeless.

If people who are homeless would like the privilege of living on the streets of our city and benefiting from city services why not treat them as part of the solution and not the problem- Here is how:

-The city registers all people identified as homeless and living on the street.
-Registration gives them the privilege of continuing to take advantage of all the benefits our city has to offer.
-In return, the city provides them with –for example brooms- and they are expected to sweep the streets and sidewalks every day where they choose to live, thus improving conditions for all of us.
-If the homeless can’t comply because of physical, drug related, or mental disability then the city should provide the required medical assistance. If they refuse to comply, the city (and police) should take seriously the next step which would be to not allow anyone to sleep or live on the streets of our once beautiful city who refuses to participate in this program.

I think all of us in San Francisco, or at least residents, taxpayers, and visitors would agree that taking these steps would only improve conditions for all of us.

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